16.03.2018 - English version of the site

Because of a high interest to Xtreme3D 3.x from foreign visitors, we decided to make an English version of the site. Not all pages have been translated yet - the work is in process.

14.03.2018 - Xtreme3D 3.6 SDK for Python

Xtreme3D 3.6 for Python has been updated - you can download it from GitHub release page. The bundle now includes four examples and a framework that simplifies working with SDL. Examples have been tested with Python 2.7.

Despite Python is a scripting language, its performance is more than enough for making games with Xtreme3D. There are a lot of libraries available for Python, and the language has rather developed community and infrastructure - it is a friendly, convenient and powerful language, which is a decent Game Maker replacement for those who still haven't moved to something else.

12.03.2018 - The HUNT Remake 1.5

ANDron23 has released a new version of his survival shooter The HUNT Remake, version 1.5. Release includes numerous bug fixes, improved graphics and sound, overhauled main menu and inventory design, loading screen, and many more - full changelog is available at project's web page. This is a global update which is not a patch for previous versions.

You can download the game here. Join the discussion in corresponding forum thread.

25.02.2018 - Python binding for Xtreme3D 3.6

Xtreme3D repository now includes Python binding (for Python 2.7 and 3.2+) with generator script and demo application based on SDL2. It can be downloaded separately here.

23.02.2018 - D language binding for Xtreme3D 3.6

We are glad to announce that D language binding for Xtreme3D now supports latest version of the engine, 3.6. Binding is now part of the main Xtreme3D repository. You can find it here. Also generator script was updated - now to generate a binding from Xtreme3D source code you should just run in your local copy of the repository. The binding, as before, is based on Derelict, and the demo application uses SDL2. It can be downloaded separately here.

We congratulate all masculine visitors with the Motherland Defender's Day! For those from foreign countries: it's a Russian holiday which is celebrated on Febriary, 23.

14.02.2018 - English translation of Xtreme3D 3.6 help file

Thanks to Bill Collins, there had been laid a foundation for English version of Xtreme3D documentation. You can find it in engine's GitHub repository. It's a mere machine translation from Russian, so we need volunteers to improve it manually - pull requests are welcome. You can also send your translations to Gecko:

We also updated the site, added an informer widget with latest forum posts, improved domain's work.

BTW, happy Valentine's Day!

09.02.2018 - GMSquall by Gecko

Squall sound engine wrapper for Game Maker, which is being developed by Gecko for Dark Arts project, is now publicly available. You can find it on GitHub. It's going to be somewhat more sophisticated than original GMSquall from Freefly Studios - for example, it will support setting listener direction.

Also we have registered a top-level domain for the site:, fixed some mistakes and inaccuracies.

24.01.2018 - An update

We have filled Bools & magazines sections, added more Xtreme3D 2.0 demos to Examples section.

From now site is fully working and contains all materials from our old site, (excluding Ultimate3D games archive, which we are going to upload on a cloud storage soon). If you have any comment or suggestions about the site, post a comment on About page, in corresponding forum thread, or send an e-mail to administrator: The old site won't get any updates anymore, but will exist in future, just in case.

Because the new site is based on a paid hosting, we need constant funding for payments. We are probably not going to place ads - frankly, we doubt that ads can make us any reasonable income - so, if you want to support us, you can do it via PayPal, Qiwi (+79518959628), WebMoney (R120156543694), or Yandex.Money (410012052560079). You can send any amount that you wish. Thanks in advance!

21.01.2018 - An update

We have filled Assets and Software sections.

18.01.2018 - An update

We have filled FAQ and Gallery sections.

17.01.2018 - An update

We have filled Tutorials & articles and Links sections.

13.01.2018 - An update

Physics and audio engines have been added, respectively, to Physics and Audio sections.

Older news are available in the Archive.